What is the TLD?

TLD stands for TOPIC Linux Distribution. This embedded Linux distribution can be used to build Linux images for TOPIC boards and development kits. The TLD uses Xilinx’ PetaLinux as a base and adds BSP’s and supporting scripts for these kits.

The TLD is developed for customers to be able to create prototyping images for TOPIC boards. These images can be used to run proof-of-concepts and other tests on our boards. A simple ‘hello world’ example is added to the TLD to make it easy for a customer to add a custom application. When prototyping is done these images can be fine-tuned in terms of size/functionality and security to make it a perfect fit for the eventual application.

In the Get Started chapter the different aspects of creating a (custom) image and developing/debugging it will be treated and explained in more detail with examples.

TOPIC boards and development kits

TOPIC developed a complete family of System on Modules (SoM) and carrier boards for them. The SoM’s are called Miami’s and the carrier boards are called Florida’s. To create prototyping platforms, TOPIC created development kits by combining SoM’s and carrier boards. These development kits are all supported by the TLD. The BSP’s for these kits are added to the distribution through the meta-TOPIC Yocto layer. See the table below for the available boards/kits.



Miami / Florida types


TOPIC Development Kit Zynq-7000 Lite

Miami Lite SoM on a Florida GEN carrier


TOPIC Development Kit Zynq-7000

Miami SoM on a Florida GEN carrier


TOPIC Development Kit Zynq-Ultrascale

Miami MPSoC SoM on a Florida GEN carrier


TOPIC Development kit Plus Zynq-Ultrascale

Miami MPSoC Plus SoM on a Florida Plus carrier


UAV and Robotics Platform

Zynq-Ultrascale 7EV based board suitable for Robotics applications.

For more (detailed) information about the boards and the meta-TOPIC layer, see Appendix A - Topic boards.


If something is missing in the documentation or issues pop up, feel free to contact TOPIC: support@topicproducts.com

Release notes

2020.2.1 (2020-06-03)


  • Added support for all TOPIC boards

  • Fixed QSPI flash driver of Zynq-7000 devices

  • Add part about ‘version control’ to documentation

2020.2.0 (2020-04-01)

This is the first release of the TLD based on petalinux 2020.2. It only supported the TDPZU board.

Known issues