Relocation to state-of-the-art office Materiaalweg 4 in Best

Relocation to a new office in Delft

TOPIC celebrates its 20th anniversary


a lot of international trade missions

Reasonable growth of new customers for TOPIC

Further expansion of the Delft office

Growth to 150 employees


TOPIC opens its second office in Delft at Delftechpark 26

TOPIC launches its self-developed products: Dyplo®, Miami & Florida

TOPIC celebrates its 18 year anniversary


IBM Rational appoints TOPIC as certified business partner

TOPIC becomes one of Xilinx’ 11 worldwide Premier Members


We couldn’t let our 15th anniversary pass unnoticed. All TOPICers and their partners are invited to a weekend Maastricht/Valkenburg.


This year marks the start of TOPIC’s third subsidiary: TOPIC Hardware Solutions. At our customers’ request we decide to build our expert knowledge in digital hardware development. Our core areas are board design and FPGA.

We celebrate our 10 year anniversary with a great, sunny weekend in Zandvoort. A whole day of racing at the Zandvoort track, a fantastic BBQ, a performance by singer DO and fireworks as the end to a great day.


We reach our 100 employee milestone.


TOPIC broadens its activities through the establishment of TOPIC Software Services. This subsidiary offers services in the fields of testing, configuration, integration and build management.


TOPIC Automation is launched on July 1st of this year from an attic room, its philosophy is to create a company with attractive clients who can rely on highly qualified TOPICers. At the same time TOPIC seeks to establish a workforce with highly trained and communicative professionals.

Office in Best


Office in Delft

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Office in Nijmegen

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