Mike Looijmans presenting at Embedded World Conference

Nuremberg Messe, Nuremberg Germany | 26 Feb 2020 t/m 26 Feb 2020

On February 26th Mike Looijmans, System Expert at TOPIC, is presenting at the Embedded World Conference 2020.  In his presentation ‘From design to run-time’ he will share his view on a practical approach for reconfiguration. 

From design to run-time: a practical approach for reconfiguration
Devices combining multiple CPUs, GPUs, co-processors and FPGA fabric on a single chip or module have been around for a while. All these components need programming and are reconfigurable which means that their function can be altered in various ways at run-time. This presentation will explain how to do that in practical examples. Free yourself from the limits of the classic boot sequence where the bootloader configures the pins and programs the FPGA and drowns the system configuration in virtual concrete. In small steps, make your system adapt itself, allowing access to a broader range of applications while also reducing the maintenance on board and device support. This talk will focus on the tools and infrastructure available today to actually put this technology to work. We'll see practical applications of how we can use Linux' Devicetree support to make the system adapt itself at runtime and how one could deal with add-on boards.

Registration for Embedded World Conference 2020
You can register to join the presentation of Mike Looijmans via de website of the Embedded World Conference: Registration Embedded World Conference - Presentation Mike Looijmans

General info
Date        : February 26th, 14.00 CET (SESSION 10.4 IISoC V - System Technology II)
Location  : Nuremberg Messe, Nuremberg, Germany

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