Digital hardware development

In order to become a full embedded software supplier, TOPIC’s subsidiary TOPIC Hardware Development has specialised in digital hardware development. In combination with our knowledge of software development this allows us to build complete embedded systems, both at the client’s locations but also at our offices as our Best office has its own hardware lab.


Our technical expertise consists of, among other things:

  • Programmable logics Xilinx (Alliance partner), Altera, FPGA, CPLD
  • Digital IC Design: Softcore processors, DSP, IP integration, timing closure/verification, VHDL, System-C, Verilog, self-checking test benches
  • Board design: High-speed bus/processor/memory interfaces, CPU en FPGA centric development, flex-PCB, COTS module-based design
  • Development environments: ISE/EDK, Quartus, Matlab/Simulink, Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Eclipse


TOPIC Hardware Developments is home to our driven and experienced engineers. This allows us and our clients to select the best solution in which TOPIC engineers work for short or longer periods on a project or in which (part of the) hardware development is outsourced to TOPIC.