To provide its clients and employees with the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge, TOPIC has joined several partnerships and memberships.

Premier Partner

TOPIC is the only Dutch Xilinx Premier Member to be accepted into the Alliance Partner Program. 11 companies worldwide participate in this program and TOPIC is the only partner within the Benelux. We have acquired this status after an extensive on-site audit at Xilinx Inc. in San Jose. This audit included a thorough analysis of our business processes, technical skills, product quality and design expertise.


Our membership provides a unique connection with Xilinx and helps broaden our specialist knowledge of FPGA. We employ that expertise in the system solutions we offer to our clients who thereby also profit from this partnership. We have direct lines to Xilinx in San Jose which ensures we are always up-to-date on the latest developments.


Besides our support of Xilinx technology with design and expertise, we also have broad experience with porting Linux board support packages (BSPs) for Zynq processors. This unique combination between multi-core processor and configurable logic allows even less commonplace implementation choices. For that purpose, TOPIC has developed a functionality which allows software processes managed by a Linux kernel to be initiated, executed and terminated dynamically on the PFGA hardware. This method allows the FPGA to be used as virtual hardware, comparable to software threads. For more information please visit our Dyplo page.

Certified Business Partner

As IBM Rational’s certified business partner we work together in offering integrated process solutions to our clients in the Benelux’ high tech systems fields.

The strength of this alliance lies in the combination of IBM Rational’s state of the art tooling and TOPIC’s vast experience in designing complex configuration management environments.

IBM Rational

TOPIC Development Services holds extensive knowledge of IBM Rational projects such as ClearCase, ClearQuest, Synergy, Change and Jazz-based products as Team Concert, Requirements Composer and Quality Manager. We offer our clients a comprehensive solution to both their consultancy and licensing requirements.

Our consultancy focuses on Application Lifecycle Management and is made up of:

  • Development of processes focused on the high quality, functional and on-time delivery of products and systems.

The implementation of these processes into the development environment.

Tooling usage optimization through client specific adjustments.

Integration of the Rational tooling with the remainder of the development environment.

We offer two kinds of licences:

  • Fixed licences: fixed-term contracts for a longer period.
  • Application Specific Licenses (ASL): licence contracts based on a monthly rental model. This variant allows the rent of certain licences based on actual usage on a monthly basis. These products are offered through Cloud Application Services.

The ASL Licensing model is a new feature and TOPIC is IBM Rational’s only Dutch Business Partner to offer this variant.


To come into contact with our specific target audience, TOPIC has joined various collaborations: