Processing platforms

The processor boards we develop and produce at TOPIC are also known as System-on-chip Modules, or SoMs. These SoMs can be scaled up or down and provide flexibility in terms of performance and power consumption. In addition, because we are able to incorporate the reuse of our knowledge and experience in our SoMs, your design solutions can be accelerated, which saves you both effort and costs. In other words, as much of your available project budget as possible goes on the application-specific aspect of the product and as little as possible on the trivialities that are often the cost drivers of development. This can be a real competitive advantage, especially when you want to produce small volumes and get them to market fast.

Our SoMs carry both FPGA fabric and logic so that you can accelerate the software that is running on these modules or reduce the complexity of the carrier board and, as a consequence, the footprint of your final application. Because everything is preconfigured, you don’t have to worry about things like memory configuration or booting the device and so your carrier board can be up and running in days rather than weeks.

Our SoMs meet the strictest industrial and environmental requirements so you are assured of the highest level of reliability to give you a springboard to your product development. For industrial and medical applications there is a requirement to provide maintenance support for 10-15 years. Not only do we comply with this requirement but we promise support for as long as our SoC is provided by our manufacturer (Xilinx) – a very long time therefore.


TOPIC has realized a number of platforms to cover different areas of application, including

Florida boards

The Florida boards are carrier boards to hold the Miami devices. Essentially, these are a kind of customisable substrate for Miami functionalities.

Miami SOM

his family of processor boards based on System-on-chip Module (SoM) technology from Xilinx consist of ARM Cotex A9/A53 application processors with FPGA logic integrated and optional GPU functionality.


Our patented Operating System extension, Dyplo, developers gain the ability to connect to various processing units of choice while dynamically loading, distributing and controlling tasks.


IPware comes as complete packages in three categories: board design, FPGA design and software development.


This ARM Cortex M0/M3/M4 based micro-controller platform is used for applications such as medical sensor data acquisition and processing, IoT applications such as remote sensing and simple user interfaces.

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