Artificial Intelligence plays a central role at TOPIC. Especially the use of Artificial Intelligence in combination with cloud servers is a matter that TOPIC fully understands and applies in technological solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI is a technology that enables computers and machines to function intelligently. It is often about self-learning systems that are trained in huge amounts of Big Data and interactive intelligent ‘agent’ that perform distributed reasoning and calculations. AI connects sensors with algorithms and human-computer interfaces, which extend to large networks of devices. AI plays a central role in TOPIC expertise, services and products.

Excellence pays off

Using AI in combination with the cloud server is an area in which TOPIC excels. Our knowledge of AI and machine learning extends the possibilities beyond the healthcare domain, for example to personalise products such as an ergonomic office workplace or an orthopaedic matrass. Or for video recognition of people that can identify gender, gesture, posture, etc. and act accordingly in real time or identify specific characteristics of a product to optimise sorting – from potatoes and strawberries to tomatoes and cucumbers. By feeding the data into an algorithm we arrive at a configuration of the product that meets the requirements of the customer, and this can be used in other domains and applications where high throughput and high performance are crucial.

No limits

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis competencies are developed in house through the recruitment of highly skilled graduates as well as through collaboration with clients. We are even taking this collaboration further, for instance, by working with Eindhoven University of Technology in a unique method of deploying AI algorithms on the neural networks of FPGAs. Future extensions of our system are limitless.

Do you also need to make your products better, smarter and healthier? We love a challenge.

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