Self-learning algorithms, workflows, deeplearning, Artificial Intelligence are resounding terms. With keeping this in mind TOPIC uses these knowledge to develop technological solutions for the medical world.

WISH in practice

The full product research project WISH (Workflow Improvement Systems for Hospitals) is a clear example of a ground-breaking project in which intelligent sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are going hand-in-hand. AI is one of the areas of expertise that plays a central role at TOPIC. Especially the use of AI in combination with cloud servers is a matter that TOPIC understands well. How do we actually apply this in practice? We have listed a few nice practical cases.

Sensor intelligentie

The aim is to be able to carry out more operations each day by providing insight into the sequence of procedures as well as deviations from them and being able to anticipate these by influencing the logistical processes in and around the operating theatre. The sensors developed for this environment can also be used intelligently for other applications. Such as the transfer table sensor, which is able to recognise objects on the table, can be used for other applications, such as education or training.

Hip replacement surgery

As a practical example of WISH in action, take a hip replacement operation. Normally the procedure takes around 4 hours but depending on the situation, it could be slower or even faster. So the planning needs to be adapted, in real-time. Sensors in the operating theatre and a ‘smart’ table that can identify which surgical equipment is removed and/or replaced allow the state of play of the operation to be determined and the workflow dynamically adjusted. Information is acquired by a cloud server and an artificial intelligence program compares the ongoing operation with previous operations, automatically guiding and supervising the workflow so that the procedure is optimized.

End user

When real-time and high performance are key to successful and efficient procedures, WISH maximises the management and use of resources – people and equipment – in complex clinical workflows. By collaborating with hospitals and medical centres, we ensure that WISH is constantly upgraded and enhanced in a partnership of medical and software expertise. And that the solutions are always geared to the needs of the end user. With newly available technologies we will be able to take on further challenges such as tracking and supporting you and your patients all the way from home to the clinic and back home.

Do you also need to make your products better, smarter and healthier? We love a challenge.

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