System on Module

TOPICs processor boards / System-on-chip modules / SoMs meet the highest level of market and technology specific expertise. For 10-15 years we offer the required maintenance support for industrial and medical applications. Thanks to our Xilinx Premium Partnership, we always guarantee top products. TOPIC has realized a number of platforms to cover different areas of application, including

Miami SOM

his family of processor boards based on System-on-chip Module (SoM) technology from Xilinx consist of ARM Cotex A9/A53 application processors with FPGA logic integrated and optional GPU functionality.


Our patented Operating System extension, Dyplo, developers gain the ability to connect to various processing units of choice while dynamically loading, distributing and controlling tasks.


This ARM Cortex M0/M3/M4 based micro-controller platform is used for applications such as medical sensor data acquisition and processing, IoT applications such as remote sensing and simple user interfaces.

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