Miami SOM

This family of processor boards based on System-on-chip Module (SoM) technology from Xilinx consist of ARM Cotex A9/A53 application processors with FPGA logic integrated and optional GPU functionality. The FPGA logic ensures a very high level of board integration and very high computing power with a very small footprint. Like the family ‘workhorse’, the Miami Zynq 7030 has about 1/4 of the floating-point computing power of a Windows desktop PC but on an area of just 7x7 cm and power consumption of less than 5W.

The members of the Miami family are:

The Miami family has the following members with different areas of application:

  • Miami LITE, a cost-optimized processor module for price-sensitive applications
  • Miami Zynq, which gives optimal balance between application processor, FPGA logic and board interface capabilities
  • Miami MPSOC, which provides PC performance on a 7x7 cm board at a maximum of 15W
  • Miami Plus, with processor and FPGA functionality, combined with high-speed communication capabilities at approximately 500Gbit/sec bandwidth

Typical application areas for the Miami family are those that require high-performance, real-time computing such as ultrasound, video and medical applications. All boards come standard with a Linux BSP and development environment, which is actively maintained by Topic to stay as close as possible to the Linux kernel releases.

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