From production machine to chip, the semiconductor industry is building on the most advanced complex technologies. We have been actively involved in various OEMs in this industry since we were founded in 1996. The semiconductor industry is essential for today's high-tech applications. From embedded systems to embedded intelligence. These are completely invisible microprocessors with unprecedented computing power.

This complex matter requires solid expertise and knowledge. We help our semiconductor customers by conducting research, electronics development, software and prototyping. We do this through on-site consultancy at the client's premises as well as by carrying out development projects at our office.


WTCU (Wafer Table Cleaning) calibration, performance and diagnostics software. Testing and integration from developer bank to machine interface. TOPICs Agile processes, customer repository and machine.

From Ultrasound video imaging to supcomputer Project

In another related domain we are working on ultrasound video imaging inside the human body to non-i...

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