The use of robots on the business floor has become indispensable, especially in the industrial sector. The rapid development of electronics and software technologies has led to entirely new robot applications. In this way, the new generation of robots will work more closely with humans. For example, applications in the healthcare sector, the automotive sector or in factories.

TOPIC plays an important role in the development of smart systems that help accelerate the production process and make it more efficient.

Smart Industry & Robot Electronics in practice

Robot electronics and embedded systems are a perfect match. Let us tell you how we use robot technology in practice for our customers. Check out the two applications of robot electronics below: ultrasonic techniques and high-volume printing.

Ultrasonic techniques for quality control

Industries demand high production quality and up-to-date robot electronics. Among other things, the inspection and detection of the processes is important. Different quality standards exist for different applications. Diagnostic inspection systems by means of signal acquisition, signal processing and visualization overcome this. Automatic calibration is also essential. For us, the embedded systems, artificial intelligence and machine learning are key.

High-volume printing with machine control

Smart industry also has applications in print, for example, like universal software for machine control, which facilitates R&D engineers, production and field service. Machine control supports high-volume printing and offset printing plus motor control. Sniffing-Testing-Simulation and real-time (2ms) protocol handling are used here. The system is based on Miami Zynq.

From computer simulation to metal plating inspection

Topic high-performance solutions can be found in the computer simulation domain, such as a high-ban...

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