The Netherlands plays an important role in the aerospace industry. From ground stations that send and receive a lot of data to the research, design and production of aircraft and spacecraft.

With our specialist knowledge in the field of FPGAs, we offer solutions and design services for the aerospace industry. What is unique is the enormous computing capacity, energy-efficient consumption, a smaller design than in regular hardware and the reprogrammability of the FPGA.

Aerospace engineering in practice

Aerospace engineering and TOPIC are a perfect match. With TOPIC's specialist knowledge in the field of FPGAs, we offer well thought-out solutions and design services for aerospace. Let us tell you more about how we use aerospace engineering in practice, with our Dyplo® case and a control platform for drones.

Computing in space

For dynamic processes, space is the perfect application for Dyplo®, a fast-growing ecosystem for embedded systems. This unique concept allows developers to connect different processing units and distribute processes. A special aspect of this system is the partially reconfigurable FPGA processing infrastructure, the upgrades after the launch of processing logic and the reuse of temporarily used processing capacity.

Control platform for drones

Drones also play an important role in our aerospace engineering applications. For example, we have developed a standard platform for professional drone control, based on the TOPIC's Miami system on Modules and Dyplo® control – Software Defined Radio for communication with the ground station.

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