Physical transport from A to B. This is the central feature of the transport, logistics and infrastructure cluster. Our clients are all active in the sector that deals with the actual transport. This can range from developers of advanced vehicles for public transport companies to system integrators of systems for baggage handling, parcel selection and physical distribution.

Many of the systems we develop for our customers involve the application and combination of various technical disciplines: hardware, software, mechanics, optics and electronics. Our TOPIC staff have a background and experience that form a perfect fit in these multidisciplinary environments.

Transport software in practice

Transport software and TOPIC are a perfect match. Let us tell you how we apply our transport, logistics and infrastructure knowledge to our customers in practice. See below our SIL4 ERMTS and railway safety cases.


Rail traffic safety always comes first. For Movares and Prorail we have developed a functional and secure embedded systems platform, connected to SIL4 systems (Safety Integrity Level). Naturally, this is fully in line with the European Rail Traffic Management Systems (ERTMS), the European standard for train protection and traffic safety. SIL4 ERTMS connects ATP in a harmonized way in accordance with the European standards for infrastructure trains. SIL4 is a safety-critical system with a Profibus system interface. Dyplo® is used for software management and FPGA functionality with self-repairing capabilities.

C self-repairing railway safety relays

Replacing centuries-old railway technology requires a meticulous approach. An excellent combination for micro-electronics with power-electronics! We have developed a Dyplo® based (self-) repairing infrastructure with SIL4 (Safety Integrity Level) enabled. Characteristic of this technology is the Miami System-on-Module (SOM), combining triple redundant processing logic and the Single C/C++ source code with processor diversity. In addition, a hardcore and softcore processor is used in combination with FPGA logic. This technology is a TÜV-certified design and tool flow.

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