TOPIC supports its clients in their development projects by contributing knowledge and capacity in the field of electronics and software development. We employ more than 150 highly educated and qualified people who, thanks to their expertise, are perfectly placed for deployment on development projects. This is an interesting option to solve possible capacity shortages, or to supplement specific knowledge. From system architect to programmer and from circuit design to application software, TOPIC can provide experts and expertise for every phase of a development project.

Because each development process requires something different, we offer different solutions: secondment, remote secondment and advice.


Sometimes a development process requires extra capacity or knowledge for your own development team o...

Remote secondment

Need extra capacity or knowledge in order to be able to proceed quickly with the development of your...


Do you have a specific question about a development process?​ TOPIC can also help you in that case....

Do you also need to make your products better, smarter and healthier? We love a challenge.