Need extra capacity or knowledge in order to be able to proceed quickly with the development of your projects? Then secondment could be right option for you. But what if on-site support is not necessary or you don't have a workspace available? No problem, even in these situations TOPIC offers the possibility to add knowledge and capacity. With our remote secondment service, we respond perfectly to this situation.

Our engineer becomes part of your team, works with your tooling and is fully aware of all project goals. With remote secondment, an engineer simply works on site at TOPIC, with the added advantage that the engineer always has a team of experts around him to discuss the specific challenges of your company.

Remote secondment: our knowledge

A high level of knowledge is one of the reasons for choosing remote secondment, in order to take big steps forward with your development projects in a short period of time. All our engineers are highly educated and have broad project experience in various sectors. Knowledge is central to our organization, which we stimulate through initiatives such as the TOPIC Academy, workshops and training courses.

Do you also need to make your products better, smarter and healthier? We love a challenge.

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