Sometimes a development process requires extra capacity or knowledge for your own development team on site, for the shorter or longer term. Our embedded engineers have a broad range of expertise: from circuit design, FPGA development, embedded software and application software to cloud solutions. Our people are able to quickly make a new domain theirs and become part of a new team.

Secondment: our knowledge

With more than 150 people, we work daily on innovative product development for various sectors: from automotive and healthcare to aerospace and robotics. Choose our secondment services to solve a (temporary) shortage of capacity, or to supplement specific knowledge in your department. All our engineers are highly qualified (Bachelor, Master, PDEng or PhD) and have broad project experience. Knowledge is central to our organization, which we stimulate with initiatives such as the TOPIC Academy, workshops, training courses, seminars and congresses.

Do you also need to make your products better, smarter and healthier? We love a challenge.

Other services in consultancy

Remote secondment

Need extra capacity or knowledge in order to be able to proceed quickly with the development of your...


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Farm Out

With our Farm Out projects, we aim for one goal only: assist our customers. More and more customers...