New release | Dyplo 1.8

donderdag 11 juni 2020

Today we released the 1.8 version of our operating system Dyplo. The Dynamic process loader, developed by TOPIC, makes FPGA functionality more easy accessible for software developers without the burden to master the entire FPGA design flow. Using partial reconfiguration, the FPGA can be seen as a thread pool and it also allows for simplified implementation of safety and reliability design constraints.

The release of version 1.8 provides a significant number of novelties:

  • The Dyplo infrastructure is now 64 bit, making it suitable for e.g. 4K video applications
  • Provides a graphical floor planner for optimal portioning of Dyplo nodes over the FPGA
  • Optimization of the superior DMA-based FPGA/Linux data exchange engine
  • Improved support for frame-based processing, such as video or multi-channel ultrasound
  • Support for Zynq 7000 and Zynq Ultrascale+ devices as well as Alveo boards

Curious how Dyplo can help you integrate software and FPGA functionality with a focus on software? For more information go to our Dyplo product page or contact principal consultant Dirk van den Heuvel ( for a demo, workshop or free trial license. We also have a special introduction offer for Dyplo in combination with an Alveo U50 board. 

Heb je ook de behoefte om je producten beter, slimmer en gezonder te maken? Wij houden wel van een uitdaging.

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