TOPIC presents at the online FPGA-conference Europe on July 8

donderdag 24 juni 2021

On July 8 2021 Dirk van den Heuvel, Principal Consultant at TOPIC, will present at the online FPGA conference Europe. In his presentation he will showcase a fully-integrated Xilinx MPSoC based drone/robotics platform.

To operate UAVs (drones) and professional robots, you need a rich mixture of sensors, actuators and processing capabilities for optimal performance: motor drivers, positional and movements data, wireless communication links, data collection/manipulation/compression/storage, autonomous operation, etc. Developing such a control platform is a labor and cost intense activity and requires a heterogenous processing architecture. Therefore TOPIC and Xilinx agreed to develop such a generic, free programmable platform to drive these types of platforms. In this presentation we will zoom in on software, firmware and hardware aspect related to developments with such a platform. E.g. integration of ROS2 and PX4 autopilot and their relevance are part of the presentation. This presentation will be illustrated by a life demonstration using a drone.


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