White paper | PX4 Autopilot on a UAV controller

donderdag 25 februari 2021

Do you know what it takes to fly a UAV autonomously? 

In our new white paper ‘’PX4 autopilot on a UAV controller” TOPIC’er Gijs van Esch (Embedded software developer) shares how he ported a PX4 autopilot to Linux and qualified it with our UAV & Robotics platform on an actual quadcopter. This Xilinx Ultrascale+ based platform integrates all sensors and actuators needed to operate a drone. As an autopilot is a crucial part in the software stack to fly a drone and depends on a broad range of environmental and motion sensors. 

In this paper he highlights the Integration of PX4 with the Linux kernel and the interfacing with the on-board sensors as well as performance testing. For everyone who would like to learn more about the approach and results, see the link to the white paper below.

Read here: 2021 | white paper | PX4 Autopilot on a UAV controller

For more information or any questions please feel free to contact Dirk van den Heuvel (dirk.van.den.heuvel@topic.nl).
For more information about our UAV & Robotics platform visit: https://topic.nl/en/products/building-blocks/autonomouscontrol-robotics

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