System-on-Module as IP

The SOM-as-IP is a customizable, ready-to-use board design, production verified and based on the latest AMD Versal technology. Targeted devices are members of the Versal Core, Edge and Prime family. The devices share the same package and pin-out. The IP gives all the benefits of a System-on-Module based board development without the physical and signal integrity limitations. 

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Key features

  • All the benefits of SOM-based development without the limitations
  • Full custom board quality with the effort of just a carrier board design
  • Based on Versal Core (VC1902/1802/1702/1502), Edge (VE1752) and Prime (VM1802/1502)
  • Schematic design and board layout are production-verified
  • Layout passed critical signal-, power- and thermal simulation scenarios
  • Short time-to-market to benefit quickly from the latest AMD Versal 7 nm technology
  • TOPIC production services for cost-, logistics- and quality optimization
  • Reference design available for prototyping and evaluation purposes

Product description

A SOM-as-IP is a completely verified and qualified SOM design, available as schematic and PCB design instead of a fixed-shaped physical board compared to a traditional SOM. Both SOM concepts require the development of a carrier board to meet application requirements. Only the SOM-as-IP is an integral part of the refence design. It does not use connectors to interface with peripherals and offers more flexibility in the board shape. But most important the peripheral utilization as well as better signal- and power integrity performance are guaranteed. The reference design is available for you as board to start-off already with your prototyping application software and FPGA firmware.


The AMD Versal SOC technology provides 7nm silicon technology very suitable for the high-performance demands of now-adays applications. It combines embedded AI capabilities with high-speed communication interfaces, high-bandwidth storage, signal processing pipelines and multi-core processors. To explore all the features of this device family, the board design requires interaction with equally challenging peripherals. This leads to complex PCB layer stack-ups, challenging signal- and power integrity routing as well as power dissipation issues. By using the SOM-as-IP solution, you get a reference design with a proven layer stack-up, the design around the AMD SOC enabling all the features on the device as well as a representative set of peripherals common to most designs. Leave-out the functionality you do not need, add the peripherals, and interfaces your application needs, modify the board shape to your application need and re-use the reference design software and FPGA firmware to kick-start your design.


You buy an IP license for the schematics and board-layout. You are free to choose wherever you want to manufacture and assemble the final board. However, by ordering the boards at TOPIC, you can benefit from all the years of SOM assembly and logistics experience and profit of the purchase power of TOPIC. You will receive a functionally tested board passing the same TOPIC SOM assembly line with a proven production yield of over 99%. This eliminates the learning cycles of the assembly house.

Typical applications

  • Edge-deployed artificial intelligence (AI)
  • High-performance multi-channel frame grabbers
  • Multi 400Gbps Ethernet connectivity
  • Massive parallel data processing


Will this SOM-as-IP solution work for your development? Just contact us to discuss details and the possibilities. TOPIC offers you the quality of a custom board design solution with the flexibility and turn-around time of a SOM solution.

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