With our Farm Out projects, we aim for one goal only: assist our customers. More and more customers are using this unique service for a specific development project or to find a solution to an existing problem. What makes the Farm Out projects so unique? Farm Out projects are not only about expertise, but just as much about the people. A team of TOPIC experts is integrated within the customer's development process. The customer is (and will remain) the lead of the project (Product Owner) and the team works according to the customers’ processes and in their environment. According to clear agreements made in advance, the TOPIC Farm Out team assists and merges with the customer's team. 

The success of Farm Out

The team success starts with assigning the right people. The TOPIC Lead Engineer will start exploring the domain and become familiar with it. He/she will then form a team of the right TOPIC people around him/her. The Farm Out experts perform tasks and activities and deliver epics and deliverables according to the priorities of, and always in coordination with, the Product Owner (customer).

Farm Out stands for providing customised service and expertise, through the right people. TOPIC provides a team of experts, that fully meets customer requirements and expectations. A team that is added to an existing organization. Only in this way can we provide the service that is now seen as indispensable by many customers. It is not without reason that a Farm Out project is compared to a wagon within a train: the team is working on a development project for the customer and is therefore part of the train. This 'being part of' recognition from both the customer and the TOPIC Farm Out Team, is the secret to the success of our Farm Out service. Farm Out projects have a proven track record due to the many benefits they have, such as high efficiency, TOPIC know-how as a backup during the project and the high degree of integration in terms of working method, code base and tooling. Not to forget the most important advantage: the customer always remains 'in the lead'.

Our Farm Out projects relate to hardware, software and firmware. A Farm Out team consists of at least 4 people, with the Product Owner (customer) operating in line with the Scrum Master (TOPIC) and the Architect (customer) with the Lead Engineer (TOPIC). They have a total focus on delivery and work according to the Safe / Agile / Waterfall development methods. A Farm Out team will perform its tasks in-house at the customer and on location at TOPIC.

Two TOPIC Farm Out team members about Farm Out: 

“With the Farm Out project I get the feeling I am connected to both TOPIC and the customer. Being responsible from start to finish of a project, makes me feel more responsible and really take ownership of the features we are working on. We really work as a team which is a key aspect of the great things we achieve in these projects. As TOPIC, we can build our own team to be as valuable as possible for our customer. Putting the right people together makes all the difference!”

“Though the Farm Out projects, we are able to prove that we form a strong and cohesive team. A team that keeps aligned with both the client and TOPIC and that has expert skills in mastering both the processes and quality standards from the client and those of TOPIC. With these skills in hand, the Farm Out team really becomes an asset to the customer”. 

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