Embedded Intelligence is literally in TOPIC's DNA. From software and hardware to FPGA developments: we master these areas of expertise from A to Z. Not only 'standalone', but also unique integrations between all disciplines are part of our make-up. This makes us different from the rest.

The development of electronic circuits and the production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) is a specialty of TOPIC, as part of embedded product development. Each application has its...

TOPIC facilitates embedded software development in a high-tech environment at customers, on internal projects and on complex products. At TOPIC, you can count on a varied environme...

An FPGA is a powerful accelerator if programmed correctly. We know what the strengths and weaknesses of an FPGA are, so we can program it (often in combination with a processor) op...

With our expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), TOPIC is able to bring added value to your projects. We can offer solutions where AI is embedded as an additional function to en...

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