The Miami System on Modules (SoM) are based on AMD state-of-the-art multi-core computing platforms combining CPU, GPU, ML/AI and FPGA based processing. They deliver sophisticated embedded platforms for medium- and high-performance applications. The various SOM types provide best in class solutions by balancing silicon technology, size, performance, and power consumption. Depending on your application you can either choose for a SOM-as-board or for a SOM-as-IP solution, which integrate seamlessly with the carrier board. 

Typical applications are found in the medical, industrial, avionics and test/measurement domains. The modules combine high performance and high-density programmable logic with dedicated hardened functionality, like DSP cores, ML/AI accelerators, memory controllers, PCIe endpoints and Ethernet MACs. This makes a Miami SOM a versatile and agile platform for various applications.

For customers with specific product requirements, TOPIC offers custom tailored products based on project spinouts and standard TOPIC products. 

TOPIC offers a variety of operating systems specific for microcontrollers, application processors and FPGA fabric like Linux, FreeRTOS and Dyplo.

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