FPGA design

An FPGA is a powerful accelerator if programmed correctly. We know what the strengths and weaknesses of an FPGA are, so we can program it (often in combination with a processor) optimally to enable our customers to achieve their goals.

More than VHDL

FPGA development nowadays involves more than just knowledge of VHDL and/or Verilog. With the emergence of technologies such as HLS (High Level Synthesis) and the more intensive use of ready-made IP blocks, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to handle this tooling properly. TOPIC makes frequent use of both HLS and IP blocks so as to accelerate the development process.

Combining forces in FPGA development

As mentioned before, we often use an FPGA in combination with a CPU, thereby combining the strengths of both. We use the FPGA for the time-critical and solid parallelizable calculations and the CPU for the dynamic and random access behaviour. This combination has proven itself many times in previous projects. In such projects, we often use our own Miami SoM (System on Module) products that are based on AMD chips, including the 7 Series®, Zynq® and Zynq® UltraScale+™.

FPGA designs different domes

We have experience in designing and developing FPGA designs in various fields: • Medical applications • Video processing • Industrial automation

Each domain has its own focal points and challenges. In medical projects, for example, safety is top priority. In (live) video processing//editing, it is important to have the lowest possible latency while for industrial automation reliability is key. The most challenging FPGA designs contain a combination of these aspects. Something that we as TOPIC are very good at, too!

AMD Partner

As one of the few AMD Premier Adaptive Computing Partners in the world, we are always up-to-date about the latest developments and new techniques of the AMD FPGAs. In addition, we can count on good support from AMD and have access to information that has not yet been published, for example from new technologies and/or tools.

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