Client profile

Intensive relationships

TOPIC Embedded Systems’ clientele is very varied. From large multinationals such as ASML, Philips, Bosch, VanDerLande Industries and Oce/Canon to medium-sized companies as TomTom and Vialis to start-ups and spin-offs. Our client base is characterised by long-lasting and intensive relationships.


There is one thing all our clients have in common: they are all active in the high-tech sector and are driven by techniques that, partly because of TOPIC’s contributions, allow them to market their product in a better, faster and more innovative way.

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Intensive collaboration

The reasons our clients have to hire us can be very diverse. A client might have a product idea but lacks the skills to convert that into hardware and software. Another client considers using certain technology and asks TOPIC to look into it for them. A third client may ask us to carry out an architecture scan. Some clients choose to outsource the entire product development to TOPIC. All are reasons for a thorough collaboration which guarantees our client’s products and systems can be marketed in a better, faster and more innovative way. Our knowledge and expertise helps us make the world a little better, healthier and smarter every day.

Doing business the easy way

Whether we help our clients through in-house development or develop an entire product, do contract research or bring in one or more specialist at their location, the feedback we receive from almost all our clients is their content with the ease of doing business with TOPIC. When we are asked to provide a solution, we apply all our expertise and deliver the required result.