Do you have a specific question about a development process?​ TOPIC can also help you in that case. For example, when developing requirements for a new system, setting up architecture or a scan of your current architecture (ATAM). Or a project for which you need to find very specific but short-term knowledge. We help you by deploying the right engineer or architect for your problem, so that you can then continue with your development processes.

Advice on projects: our knowledge

Since 1996 we have been building on our expertise in the field of (embedded) system development. With more than 150 engineers, we work daily on innovative product development for various sectors: from automotive and healthcare to aerospace and robotics. Even with very specific issues, there is always one of our engineers who can help you with advice on the development of your system.

Do you also need to make your products better, smarter and healthier? We love a challenge.

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