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Our company

“We bring technology and workflow together”

Topic Healthcare Solutions is a technology company leveraging digital healthcare to deliver a new perspective on clinical workflow management.

We take a bird’s eye view on processes in a care delivering organization and optimize them using state-of-the-art technologies.

Topic Healthcare Solutions is a new business unit within the Topic group. Topic is a well-known and trusted partner in the high- end medical solutions market since over 20 years. With them, we reach our customers all around the world.

Our solution

Combining an understanding of clinical workflow processes, smart sensors, mathematical models and deep learning algorithms, the Topic Healthcare Solutions
team aims to transform the complexity of your clinical processes into a transparent and smoothly running flow.

Our WISH solution provides your organization with real-time schedule updates, presence of all instruments needed and location of patients – basically all you need to know to run your clinical centre or department smoothly.

Better service and patient safety, balanced staff and an efficiently operating organization are only some of the many advantages.

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Our products

Our first product introduced to the market is called WISH, a dynamic solution for your OR and Cathlab.

By real-time sensing, WISH detects relevant steps in an operating procedure to determine the accurate end-time and to re-schedule following operations.

WISH can easily be integrated into your existing hospital infrastructure.

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Our technology

The core of WISH consists of a complete infrastructure of hardware and software. These include smart sensors for detecting devise use, pattern recognition modules, and intuitive interfaces.

We use mathematical models and deep learning algorithms to calculate the procedure end-times and to coordinate connected workflows for a balanced, overall performance.
Our system is available as a set of stand-alone modules or as a seamlessly integrated version with existing hospital management systems.

Our research

Research collaborations with universities and product development at Topic Healthcare Solutions assure top-level development at every stage. This way our customers will always benefit from the best there is to get.

Together with test hospitals and our user-groups we specify new functional requirements for future extensions.

Our customers

Our customers vary from public hospitals, private clinics to academic medical centres.


Departments, we make an impact in:

Operating Rooms

Unravel the “black box OR” and benefit from real-time updates on surgical procedures, no matter how many unexpected workflow disturbances occurred. Avoid long patient waiting times, stressed staff and offer your patients optimal safety.

Cathlabs, diagnostic procedures and therapy treatments

Bring your department to maximum performance by smooth workflow alignment at every level. Coordinate your teams, patients and devices by a dynamically updated schedule.


Future extensions of our system are endless. With newly available technologies we will be able to take on further challenges such as tracking and supporting you and your patients all the way from home to the clinic and back home.