Our own products: Development kit, Dyplo, Miami & Florida

As a result of our FPGA knowledge, TOPIC Hardware Development was asked by TOPIC Embedded Products to build its own IP-block, called Dyplo®, which will significantly reduce the development time and costs in creating Systems-on-Chip such as Zynq and Xilinx. The middleware functionality our Dyplo system has bridged the gap between hardware and software design and thereby enables a fully software operated style of development.

Dyplo® intensively uses partial reconfiguration; a revolutionary design technique in which the FPGA structure can rapidly and selectively alter and divide its hardware configuration. This allows the FPGA to be used for various functions at the same time. Dyplo® manages the reconfigurable blocks in such a way that all functions can be carried out in either software or hardware, depending on the context they are needed in, like energy consumption, performance etc.

TOPIC Embedded Products has also developed Miami. Miami is TOPIC’s self-developed System-on-Module (SOM). This module combines an autonomous Zynq-based eco system with a unique interface for versatile board development. TOPIC has designed Florida as carrier-board.

TOPIC offers its Development Kit as a comprehensive solution: a complete development system for the development of embedded software applications on Xilinx ZINQ SoC with a smooth integration of FPGA and CPU functionalities.


Ever since we started TOPIC Hardware Development, we have specialised in board design and FPGA development. To that end we also now work together with Xilinx Inc. in San Jose (USA) which has lead to us becoming Xilinx Premier Member in April 2013. There are 11 Premier Members worldwide. This gives us a head start in everything related to Xilinx products. This does not mean however, that we do not have experience with other FPGA suppliers or that we are tied to one specific brand.

Dyplo, Miami and Florida were officially launched at Embedded World in Nurnberg in early 2014.

Total solution Development-kit

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