Template Matching Box

The template matching box (TMB) is a part of an electro physical diagnoses system for atrium fibrillation (AF). It measures the electric pulses which make the heart pump the blood around. The measurements are taken by measuring the local electric activity of the heart with the aid of the ‘sensor array’, which holds 244 sensors. The heart activity in this area is visualised in order to identify the places in the heart which do no longer properly pass on the electric pulse.

TOPIC was responsible for:

  • The implementation of the TMB, including the selection of the acceleration platform
  • The specification of the interface with the acquisition hardware
  • The realisation of the algorithm on the FPGA and the software integration
PDF: Leaflet Matching Box

Wireless Biometrical Therapy Device

More knowledge continually becomes available about measuring and stimulating the human body for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. An example of this is a project we realised which measures an abundance of a patient’s biometrical signals and stimulates the muscles/nerves for therapeutic treatments.

TOPIC was responsible for :

  • The development of the electronics of the sensor probe
  • The porting of the Linux core onto the probe
  • The realisation of the drivers for the wireless communication between the probe
  • The calculating system, for instance an iPad or laptop
PDF: Leaflet Bio Therapy Device

Glycocalyx Measurement System

This developed system allows a non-invasive, through the mouth, microscopic recording to be made in order to establish the width of the so-called glycocalyx. Glycocalyx is a natural sugar coat on the inside of the capillaries which turns out to play an important preventive part in the development of among others diabetes and heart- and vascular diseases. The Glycocalyx Measurement System is a fully automated system for the recording, analysis and storing of glycocalyx measurements and results.

TOPIC was responsible for the following phases of the development of the system:

  • Proof of concept, in which we optimised Matlab algorithms and developed new image editing algorithms
  • Development of a research system for clinical studies
  • Development of the medical software product GlycoCheck
PDF: Glycocalyx Measurement