Project forms

Project forms

Contract Research

Technologie Research

In many of the systems we develop for our clients we see the application and the combination of various technical disciplines: hardware, software, mechanics, optics and electronics. Our TOPICers have the background and experience to perfectly match these multidisciplinary environments.

The content of these internal development projects may vary from a ‘software-only’ project or a ‘hardware-only’ project to an entire development project for which we develop the entire system in-house.

The execution form in which the project is carried out can consist of fixed price, actual costs of time and expenses, post-calculation or a combination form.

In contract research we work together with our clients in the research and integration of new technologies. As many of these activities can be made subsidizable, both parties can limit their investments while still being able to present a prototype within a short time frame.

One of our important target groups in this form of collaboration is spin-offs and start-ups.

To TOPIC, Technology Research is the way of making the latest technologies available. In order to enrich our knowledge, TOPIC is always actively researching technologies that we can use together with our clients to find new developments. To that end TOPIC’s professionals frequently participate in (international) lectures, workshops, conferences and seminars to keep up-to-date on their work fields and to use this knowledge in the projects they are working on.