23 01 2017

PRESS RELEASE: TOPIC launches TOPIC Healthcare Solutions





TOPIC launches TOPIC Healthcare Solutions


To bring technology and workflow together, TOPIC recently started TOPIC Healthcare Solutions. Healthcare Solutions is a technology company leveraging digital healthcare to deliver a new perspective on clinical workflow management, using state-of-the-art technologies. Combining smart sensors, mathematical models, deep learning algorithms and insights into clinical workflows, TOPIC Healthcare Solutions transforms the complexity of clinical processes into a transparent and smoothly running flow. Our first product DORA (Digital Operating Room Assistant) detects relevant steps in an operating procedure by real-time sensing, determines the end-time and re-schedules following operations. DORA provides real-time schedule updates, the actual maintenance status of devices, the presence of all instruments and the location of patients. This leads to better service and higher patient safety, balanced staff and an efficiently performing organization.


Please check: https://topic.nl/healthcare-solutions/


About TOPIC Embedded Systems

Since 1996 TOPIC specializes with 175 employees and offices in Best and Delft in embedded systems development. We have a strong track-record in embedded software and hardware development, internal project execution and embedded product development. TOPIC is ISO13485 certified and we have a standard, Agile-based, project approach.