01 02 2016

TOPIC is sponsoring TU Delft’s project March



TOPIC is proud to announce that we just signed a sponsor contract with TU Delft’s Project March. A project of students of the TU/Delft where they are developing an exoskeleton for patients with paraplegics (Dutch: dwarslaesie). The end goal is to win the Cybathlon in Zurich in October, a contest for commercial and academic project teams.

The projectteam consists of a group of 19 students of whom 11 of them stopped their study for one year to fully focus on this project. As Topic we want to encourage the development of these exoskeletons to enable people with paraplegics to have a more mobile life.

The team is going to use TOPIC’s Miami SoM’s to control the motors driving the legs and use TOPIC’s Dyplo to make the development of these kind of systems much more simple.

On one hand this project is a nice way to sponsor such a great project improving the quality of life and on the other hand a way to promote our products.

Signing contract Project March 2016Signing contract Project March 2016 2