Our solutions enable unmanned vehicle control : using Simulink and Python, we model the complete functional behaviour of a system

Projects that TOPIC realised within the domain of robotics & autonomous operation: 

- AGV redesign
- URP platform
- Gripper controller for transplanting plants

Key technologies and skills: 

ISO 3691-4 safety regulation, model based design, unmanned vehicle control

TOPIC contribution and know-how: 

Starting from ISO-standards, we design our architecture to enable unmanned vehicle control. Using Simulink and Phyton, we model the complete functional behaviour of the system where we develop the whole hierarchy in system from real-time motor control, safety certified auto pilot and fleet management in the cloud (for hardware and software). 

AGV upgrade: 

For one of our customers we applied a complete hardware and software redesign for AGV controls to :

- ensure ISO3691-4-compliant
- improve motor and motion control 
- establish a sharp cost-down of the bill of material cost 
- improve the assembly complexity

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Other showcases

High-performance computing and signal processing

We design and develop complex and high-density boards where signal integrity, power management and thermal design are key success drivers

Signal processing and algorithm modelling

Started from an idea and a research model, we developed this delirium monitor. From initial concept via prototype, optimization to industrialization to a (medical) product

Cloud-connected sense and act

We offer solutions that are according to GDPR regulations and in compliance with ISO13485, 27001 and NEN 7510 standards