Started from an idea and a research model, we developed this delirium monitor. From initial concept via prototype, optimization to industrialization to a (medical) product

Projects that TOPIC realised within the domain of signal processing and algorithm modelling: 

  • Delirium monitor 
  • Anatomy projector - 3D projector plastic surgery 
  • High volume IVD signal processing 

Key technologies and skills:

Model-based design, algorithm acceleration, high bandwidth low latency

TOPIC contribution and know-how: 

We start with an idea or a research model and we industrialise it. At TOPIC we take care of the development, the optimisation and industrialisation of the initial concept. We do data-sampling and data processing during the architectural set-up and we sample and enhance data and know how to implement the algorithm efficiently. We do this within the required standards in different domains (medical, safety, automotive, etc.). 

Delirium monitor:

TOPIC contributes in developing, migrating and accelerating algorithms for medical signal processing. Many systems start with external signals; TOPIC is comfortable using a model-based design approach. One of the fundamentals of all electronics is the measurement and processing of signals. Within this complexity, TOPIC is able to craft the correct blend of hardware and software to extract and process the required signals. Through math modelling we convert these signals into useful information. 

Prolira is the world's first objective medical device to detect delirium, acute cerebral failure. Prolira defines delirium as 'a potentially fatal medical emergency that increases the risk of prolonged cognitive impairment (dementia), results in longer hospital stays and contributes directly to higher healthcare costs'. The Prolira DeltaScan supports earlier and improved delirium detection. The technological solution is based on the Miami System-On-Module (SoM). A TOPIC ecosystem offers compact, turnkey solutions for powerful embedded systems. Solid product innovation from architecture to CE certification. 

Some other examples of model-based design are signal enhancement, realtime hardware-in-the-loop processing (for 4-8K, lidar, radar), biomedical signal and processing, low latency high bandwidth. 

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Other showcases

Safety & Security

In our contribution and know-how you can count on our expertise in Safety Integrity Levels 3 and 4

Robotics & autonomous operation

Our solutions enable unmanned vehicle control : using Simulink and Python, we model the complete functional behaviour of a system

World’s most advanced radio telescopes

Central Signal Processor (CSP-Low) integration project for centrally correlating and processing thousands of digitized astronomical signals from the SKA-Low radio telescope receivers into science data.

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