Using a TOPIC System-on-Module, this leading test- and measurement customer developed a high-end instrument in the domain of 5G mobile communication

Examples of TOPIC products, used in customer end-products, are:

  • Miami Zynq 7030 - EEG-analyses based delirium monitor (medical signal processing)
  • Miami MPSoC Plus : high-end test & measurement device (all-in-one)
  • Miami Zynq Plus 7045 - ultrasound steel plate inspection (high-speed data acquisition and processing)

Key technologies and skills:

AMD System on Chip technology, high bandwidth data acquisition, superior system integration, reliability and quality

TOPIC contribution and know-how:

The Miami System on Modules (SoM) are embedded computer boards, based on AMD Zynq 7000 and Zynq Ultrascale+ System-on-Chip technology. AMD Versal support will arrive shortly. The SOMs integrate all key functionalities to deliver a complete computing system, running e.g. Linux or FreeRTOS and supporting seamless fusion of functionality running on the FPGA fabric, the real-time processors, application processors and integrated GPU. With their small footprint, high reliability and relative low power consumption, they form an excellent platform for media centric, medical, industrial and test&measurement applications.

Customer application: 5G test & measurement instrument:

- Instrument with integrated acquisition, processing, visualization and communication
- JESD204b compliant data acquisition interface
- Resilient against harsh environmental conditions

This particular customer developed a representative test- and measurement instrument in the domain of 5G mobile communication.

The customers instrument is built around TOPIC's Miami MPSOC Plus System-on-Module with the aim to materialise a highly integrated, small form-factor and high performance system. Key features addressed by this product development are aspects typically seen in use with test- and measurement equipment:

- Data acquisition e.g. using JEDEC204/B/C gigabit transceiver interfaces
- Real-time, in-stream data processing
- Touch-screen display with e.g. Qt based user interface and real-time signal rendering
- GPU or FPGA based signal processing and algorithm acceleration
- Wired and wireless communication, including software-defined radio (SDR)
- Mass-storage using eMMC, NOR flash, SSD via SDIO, USB or PCIe

The use of the instrument varies between humid, tropical areas, artic conditions and deserts, where operators use the devices under rough circumstances. Apart from proven shock and vibration resilience, the thermal design supports a passively cooled, hermetically closed enclosure that allows full operational use of the module, dissipating over 50W of heat.

The combination of the standard Miami MPSOC Plus SOM and a customised Florida Plus carrier board, allowed for quick and reliable reuse of proven circuits and helped to focus development effort entirely on the application specific circuits. The SOM is running a TOPIC maintained Linux BSP. For the customized board, dedicated Linux peripheral drivers have been developed to support all carrier board specific hardware. The result is a powerful instrument with a small form factor and high reliability.

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