Automotive sensor connection platform for data storage, that deals with a multitude of sensors, acceleration, modularity, processing, and data.

Project features:

  • High bandwidth PCIe storage capability
  • High-speed front panel interfaces for cameras and other sensors
  • System-on-Chip and PCIe extendibility through standard from factors and high-speed interfaces.

Key technologies and skills:

High-speed PCIe and multi-gigabit ethernet interfaces between sensors and storage provide scalable bandwidths for all automotive sensor recording needs. The system uses AMD System-on-Chip technology to allow for edge computing within the platform.

Automotive Data Logger:

PLC2 ( has developed the ADL-1000 data logger. An automotive Data Logging solution that deals with a multitude of sensors, acceleration, modularity, processing, and data.

Capture: The Automotive Data Logger consists of high-speed interfaces, including 2x QSFP28, 6x SFP+ and an FMC connector, which enable customers to directly connect various peripherals and sensors. Due to the extremely high data bandwidths, the ADL can write all the data received over an array of up to 8 SSDs connected within the system.

Replay: All the recorded data can be used to replay certain situations off-line. This allows for the opportunity to debug sensors or situations or introduce additional simulated inputs for analysis.

TOPIC contribution and expertise:

TOPIC implemented the electronic hardware for the prototypes. After the initial implementation, improvements were determined and updated in the design of the system. In addition, we supported testing and debugging of the electronics, resulting in verified deliveries of PCBs.

The design implementation and updates relied on TOPIC’s experience and expertise in PCB stack-up definition, high-speed signal implementation and power distribution. Extensive signal integrity simulations were performed to analyze the DDR4 implementation to the SoC, confirm good signal integrity of all signals >1Gbps, as well as the power integrity.

As a result, the system, including all the high-speed interfaces have been verified to operate as expected.

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