Celebrating 1 year of TOPIC and T&S Group integration

donderdag 21 maart 2024

One year ago, TOPIC joined Technology & Strategy Group (T&S), a major European player in consulting, digital and engineering. CEO of TOPIC, Rieny Rijnen, and CEO of T&S Group, Jérémie Huss, share how they have experienced this first year of collaboration and what the future brings. 

Strasbourg-based T&S Group consists of 28 companies in 11 countries, employing over 3,500 people. TOPIC, currently 130 employees, was the first Dutch company to join the group. Rieny: ‘Of course, we share a focus on intelligent solutions through digitization. But more importantly, we share the same core values. That is fundamental for a successful collaboration. We are both open, honest, and motivated to make a change. No hidden agendas, but transparency.’ Jérémie confirms: ‘I totally agree with Rieny. I'd like to add that we also share an entrepreneurial spirit. We may have different opinions, but we have the same vision and the same goal: to create added value for our customers, our employees, and our shareholders.’

Getting to know one another
A first year of collaboration per definition means getting to know each other, and finding a joined way of working, says Jérémie. ‘It takes time to exchange ideas, certainly considering the intercultural differences that we face. Up until now, it has been a very positive experience. Getting to know each other doesn’t mean changing everything that works in a heartbeat. It means learning how to take the best practices of one another and grow together. We need to capitalize on each other's differences and strengths without interfering, so as not to change everything overnight.’

Benefits of joining the group
Being part of a group means access to a large network, which benefits both T&S and TOPIC. Rieny: ‘As a group, we can service even more major international companies. On top of that, T&S has a large sales team, particularly in France and Germany, plus a very advanced recruitment system. In the past year, we have already reaped the benefits from those services, finding new international projects and team members.’

Tapping into expertise
For Jérémie, TOPIC is a real technical asset: ‘It is like adding a Porsche to our collection. Their experience is huge, adding a lot of value to customers. Of course, it comes with a price tag, which requires us to adapt our way of working, but that was expected. So far, the integration matches our expectations, and we continue to develop our collaboration.’

First successes
It has also resulted in some first successes. ‘We can be proud to see this collaboration being appreciated by our customers’, says Jérémie. ‘Feedback from customers in France and Germany has been very good, proving that this collaboration is healthy and prosperous.’ Rieny adds: ‘We are very proud of our teams’ collaboration and the first successes we made together.’ 

Looking forward: 2024 & beyond    
The aim is to reach 15-20% growth per year, by jointly expanding and connecting with new customers. Jérémie: ‘Our goal is not to change companies that are part of our group; we aim to accelerate and grow stronger together.’ Rieny: ‘I believe there is a strong level of trust. We also share a strong sense of curiosity, which makes us willing and able to innovate and develop ourselves. When we hold on to that, I am convinced that the future looks bright for all of us.’   

Picture: Rieny Rijnen (Founder and CEO TOPIC) & Jérémie Huss (CEO T&S Group)


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