31 10 2016

First Certified SAFe 4.0 Program Consultant (SPC4) within TOPIC



In October our colleague Frank attended the “Implementing SAFe 4.0” course and passed the SPC4 exam. Now we are proud to say that Frank is the first Certified SAFe 4.0 Program Consultant (SPC4) within TOPIC. Sounds great right? But what is it, and why is this important for us?

You probably know “Scrum”, an Agile development framework for iteratively developing software. It works well for small teams with a short development and release cycle. But Scrum does not scale to large teams and complex product development. The “Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Software and Systems Engineering” (SAFe®) is a framework for software and systems development at enterprise scale, based on Lean and Agile principles and practices.

Adopting ‘Agile’ for a team is not simple. It involves not only the Scrum ceremonies, but also an Agile mindset. An Agile transformation for a development program or even an entire organization to a self-organizing and self-managing team of teams is even more difficult: you can’t just throw away everything and start over. Nor can you empower everyone to self-organize themselves without guidance into ‘scaled agile’. This is where you may need an SPC4.

Then why would you want an Agile transformation in the first place? Because of the benefits: 20 – 50% increase of productivity, >50% increase of quality, 30 – 75% faster time to market.

If you or the people you work with have questions about an agile transformations with SAFe, feel free to contact TOPIC Embedded Systems