Let’s celebrate women in tech

woensdag 8 maart 2023

It is World Women’s Day! A great opportunity to celebrate women in tech. At TOPIC, we are fortunate to have 20+ excellent women on our team, like software designers Paulina Mibenge and Thuy Do. They share how women make a difference in our industry. Learn more!   

Per definition, women have a different perspective, says Paulina with a smile. ‘Simply because there are not many of us, we offer a fresh perspective. To me, it is no surprise that companies with women in the lead have a higher turnover, statistically. We are wired to be caregivers, which is reflected in the way we work. As a scrum master in my team, I look after all team members, making sure that everyone is OK.’

In other words, women have a stronger focus on relationships, but there’s more, says Thuy: ‘We look at every detail and we are good at multitasking.’ Reason enough to want more women on board – often tech ladies like Paulina and Thuy are the only women on a team. ‘I do feel treated equally’, says Paulina. ‘But the mere fact that I am the only woman on the team subconsciously sends out the message that I need to prove myself more.’

That’s why it is important to connect with other women in tech, both agree. Last year, TOPIC initiated a women in tech platform, that meets up every two months. TOPIC also supports the national initiative ‘Girls Day’, promoting tech among school girls. ‘Role models are so important’, says Thuy, who knows all about it. As a mother of two teenage girls, she gets first-hand insights into what inspires them. ‘What my daughter’s dream careers are? One wants to become a software engineer, the other one a hardware engineer.’ There’s the proof. The future looks bright.  

Paulina Mibenge (software designer at TOPIC since 2016) & Thu Thuy Do (software designer at TOPIC since 2022)

De wereld elke dag een stukje beter, slimmer en gezonder maken: wij zijn jouw partner in technologie.

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